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Where a case decision has been made by a Valuation Tribunal president it is expected other tribunals will take this as the statement of how other cases should be decided.A High Court case would bring a binding decision however as the Valuation Tribunal president made clear in Arca v Carlisle City Council, the Limitation Act is a matter of law which is binding on decisions and overrules the lack of clarity in Council Tax legislation regarding backdating.In H Singh a situation occurred where an application for a backdated discount was made.

The section states that : Time limit for actions for sums recoverable by statute.It was shown that the local authority had information of eligibility as far back as 1996 but this had not been acted on.The ’cause of action’ , for the purposes of the Limitation Act, was determined to be December 2012 when Mr Singh had applied for the initial reduction and that the appeal was therefore within the 6 year time limit for making a claim. Section 9 governs the “Time limit for actions for sums recoverable by statute”.If more than six weeks have passed since your client's duties start date before they set up a workplace pension scheme, they will need to take certain steps in line with their automatic enrolment duties.Your client will need to pay any contributions that they should have made back to the date their member of staff met the age and earnings criteria to be put into a pension scheme.

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