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I love youuuu (sic) Ellen.'Another added: 'You two are so cute! The couple have been married since August 2008, tying the knot in an intimate home ceremony in Beverly Hills.This month, the pair were among tens of thousands who had to evacuate their Los Angeles homes due to the Southern California wildfires.You can only request one date so make sure the date available works for you and your guests.Submitting a form does NOT guarantee tickets to the show.Fully booked days have already been released on the calendar and are closed for ticketing requests.If tickets are available on a date you would like, simply click on the day and fill out the ticket request form.Far from manipulating its participants and situations to increasingly ridiculous extremes, the Ellen De Generes-produced show simply pairs two strangers up, films every minute of their squirm-inducing/sparks-flying dinner table conversation at MK, a cozy Chicago restaurant, and then asks them whether they want their first date to lead to a second. The brainchild of Twenty Twenty Productions (the team behind life-fixing reality show Brat Camp and life-affirming BAFTA winner The Choir), the original version first hit British screens in 2013.

If you don't hear from us, submit again, and we'll do our best to get you tickets! The Ellen De Generes Show does not reimburse travel expenses due to show cancellations.

In a rarity for an American adaptation of a British reality show (see FOX’s bombastic treatment of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares), NBC has not only retained the original’s low-key charm, but improved on it.

The pretentious French maître d’ who repeatedly delivers Hallmark sentiments as though they’re profound philosophies thankfully has been left in London in favor of the far more unassuming Sandro Coppola, a charming Italian-born restaurateur who manages to put the diners at ease without resorting to showboating.

The show reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone at anytime.

, where she got candid about what turns her on in a potential match! "Humor, intellect and knowing where to go, and what to do -- making plans! Watch the video above for more of her hilarious answers.

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Ellen, 59, was seen holding the camera as she coaxed Portia, who was worried about her new TV show Game of Games, after forgetting about its debut this week.'How could I forget? 'Now she's excited, she had forgotten,' Ellen teases.

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