Dating not settling

A relationship feels too convenient to leave when you’re both settled in and comfortable.

Maybe you both work long hours but are on the same schedule or you live together and split the rent. What were you doing and what were you passionate about? Do they ask you about your personal projects or do they notice that you stopped? Do you think that would change if you weren’t in a relationship?

Are you in a romantic relationship or marriage that’s just not right but you’re not willing to risk ending it?

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that things will change or you’ve done something wrong to deserve less than optimal treatment.

This may leave you unwilling to take the chance of breaking things off because you fear you won’t meet someone else and will be alone for a long time.

Perhaps some of your friends have been single for a while and they complain about how hard it is to meet a nice man or woman.

Ask yourself if pursing someone else is worth breaking it off with your partner. Do you have friends or family you could spend your time with instead? But, sometimes, it’s better to choose being alone for a bit than to settle forever. That doesn’t make you picky; it doesn’t make you selfish or mean you’re going to spend forever alone because you’re searching for something too perfect.

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