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* Added: "Reply" link in newspaper when viewing a post from a Twitter feed * Added: Redesigned toolbutton icons * Added: "Icons" button added to Options|Reading which enables choosing which icons should appear beneath each item in the newspaper (due to this addition, several of the default icons from previous versions are now hidden by default) * Added: Startup and Import wizards now enable importing your Google Reader subscriptions * Added: Close button added to individual browser tabs * Added: Significant performance improvements in "Popular Topics," "Search Subscriptions," newspaper display and many other areas * Added: Significantly reduced memory consumption * Added: "Export Newspaper" added to File menu - exports all posts from all pages in the active newspaper to an external HTML document * Added: "Surfer" newspaper style now remembers whether thumbnails have been collapsed * Added: "Enable page transitions" has been added to Options|Appearance, which defaults to being enabled unless IE8 is installed (a bug in IE8 Beta 2 causes the transitions to fail) * Added: Feed Demon attempts to detect when script debugging is enabled in Internet Explorer and asks whether to turn it off (script debugging causes error dialogs to popup while browsing inside any application that embeds IE) * Added: Fixed header in reports/newspapers (requires IE7 or later) * Added: "Browser Home" added to tabbed browser context menu * Added: Hourglass icon now appears on browser tabs that are still loading * Added: Main menu can be toggled by right-clicking any toolbar and selecting "Show main menu" * Added: Theme selection added to Appearance page in Options (this replaces the "UI Style" option from previous versions) * Added: Newspaper now displays "new items received" message when new items are downloaded in the feed or folder showing in the newspaper * Added: "Export Top Feeds" added to File menu * Added: "Panic Button" now enables marking everything more than 12 hours old as read * Added: "Attention Report" now enables exporting top feeds as OPML * Added: Embedded ads via The Deck * Added: Support for NGES ratings and group clippings (News Gator Enterprise Server only) * Added: Cleanup Wizard and Panic Button can now be limited to specific folders * Added: Feed and folder properties now enable specifying how many days to keep items * Added: When you switch to a language file other than the default, Feed Demon validates it to make sure it doesn't have any missing entries or arguments.

If any problems are found, a dialog will alert that the language file contains errors and recommend that it not be used.

It's also worth pointing out that on Windows 8 and 8.1 that you don't actually NEED a lot of utilities anymore.

There's an antivirus, a firewall, partition manager, ISO file mounter, a cleanup app, an app startup manager, multiple monitor taskbars, and even virtual machine creation, all built in.

Here's a list of the best stuff that you already have but maybe didn't realize.

Scott's Note: Personally, I'm all about Windows 8.1 now, so I'm not using a 3rd party launcher any more as I don't see the need.

Bring the power of RSS right to your Windows desktop with Feed Demon News Aggregator: The easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information.Note: If you have multiple shared clippings folders, you can change which one this feature uses by right-clicking on "Clippings" and selecting "Choose default clippings folder." * Added: Ability to view all unread or flagged items at once * Added: Hovering over a short URL (Tiny URL.com, etc.) now shows the full URL in a balloon tip so you know where the URL redirects (great when browsing Twitter).For a list of supported URL shortening services, see the file Short in Feed Demon's \Data subfolder.Details on the errors are also shown in this dialog, which should help translators debug their work.Google Reader goes the way of the dodo on July 1st, so it's time for disappointed users to find a replacement RSS feed reader.

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The software is pre-configured with dozens of feeds, so you can unleash the power of RSS right away.

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