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In case that the client is in e-banking site but for 15 minutes he is not working on it, the Bank, as security measure will detach you automatically.

E-Banking service site of Bank is secure and the Bank has tried to offer measures of high security level in case to prevent unauthorized persons to read the information.

Fibank`s officer will offer cooperation in resolving any matter on which you might need any assistance.

Under the provisions of the Currency Law, Ordinance № 27 and Ordinance № 28 of the Bulgarian National Bank and other applicable regulations, commercial banks perform payment orders in foreign currency as follows: The Bank may establish the presence or absence of permanent residence of the individuals in the Republic of Bulgaria under the meaning of the Currency Law by requiring a declaration in a form approved by the Bulgarian National Bank as a precondition for the execution of an order for payment or transfer to a foreign country.

After your Debit Card Issuance Application is processed you will receive your debit card within 5 working days at the bank branch you have chosen in advance.

The term of validity of VISA Electron Debit Card is 3 years.

Dear clients, In connection with the issue of extended functionality cards, please be advised that as of January 1, 2018 all Visa Electron and Visa Classic debit and credit cards will be renewed with Visa Electron pay Wave, respectively Visa Classic pay Wave upon their expiration date.

Visa Electron is an international debit card with no requirement for a minimum blocked account balance.

If you need cash funds you can withdraw them from any ATM throughout the world.System operator after the system opening does the authorization of transactions which are pending.Change of Password Client must change by himself the password of his account in e-banking In case of losing the password , with the client signed request , the administrator of e-banking would do the password change.Exit from System After finished using of e-banking service, client must always to exit from the site of e-banking service and never to allow near his computer unauthorized persons during he uses e-banking service.In cases that internet is detached or has any other problem with internet, the exit from e-banking site is automatically.

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