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Most have been wired up to the mains, many have plumbing, many come with multiple rooms and a lawn, and some even have mod-cons like refrigerators and TV.

But then people are always naming their kids after slogans in China.

Check it below and let me know what you think of it by leaving comments below. Chongqing Everyone knows Chongqing is famous for its lots of beautiful girls and handsome boys; However, Chongqing is also known for boasting the greatest population of homosexual men around the country.

The city has the most gay bars, organizations, and various activities in China. Shanghai The density of gays in Shanghai is not the highest among these 10 cities, but Shanghai has quite a large population and thus it owns many gays too. Chengdu The number of gays in Chengdu is no less than that of Shanghai.

The largest dam yet built, it created a reservoir the size of the Kingdom of Bahrain. If the object is wider, it can rotate less-quickly, which is why Olympic divers curl up into a tight little ball when doing those crazy flips. Now, we should point out that the effect is microscopic.

Raise a whole load of river water 175 meters into the air, and you’re gonna affect the moment of inertia for the entire planet. As in, the Three Gorges Dam adds only 0.06 microseconds to the length of the day.

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Chengdu and Chongqing are similar cities, both are good places for gays to live in.

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