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I knew immediately that Beri was somebody I could trust 100% and got to know him well enough that I could see we complimented each other perfectly; which is great because you know there's always somebody there who's got your back and you trust their opinion.That's so important." Triebel was working in the "Special Situations Group" of Goldman Sachs in London."I was working on the privatization of industry in Turkey," Meric recalled, "which for me was very special, because I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in Turkey." Philipp Triebel told me, "The undergraduate experience for me was the underlying psychology--this was the last time people were in an open-minded, intellectually-curious place, was after college.

"We originally went for only a year to learn English; then I really liked the experience, stayed on to finish school there; do my 'A levels' and eventually went on to the London School of Economics (LSE)." Post LSE, Triebel told me, "After getting my bachelor's degree in economics, I enjoyed it so much, I decided to get a master's degree in economics at Cambridge University--that was very quantitative, very analytical and taught me how to think." Tiebel's itinerary was similar to Meric's: LSEHBS.

This is the story of such a friendship and such a business.

As far as business pedigrees go, Philipp Triebel and Beri Meric have rock-solid, top-notch credentials.

But ever so infrequently, their friendship can overcome all the trials and tribulations of working so closely together and pave the way to success.

And the simple concept of building with your co-founder seems perfectly geared for commercial success.

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