Nude forties

The slippery liquid felt very sensuous on her breasts as her hands passed over them.

Her nipples became very erect as they reacted to the erotic stimulation.

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They shared sexual fantasies like they had done many times before. With the week shed had, it had been a while since the last time they were together and she was beginning to feel horny as her thoughts lingered back to their discussion.

Lisa wished he were there with her, making love to her, helping her forget the demands of her job.

Lisa ran a bath to get relaxed and she loved smelling fresh and perfumed as her flesh warmed in the sun.

As she bathed, her thoughts wondered to the conversation during the last time she and her husband made love.

Lisa felt she deserved a day of relaxation after all stress she had been through the previous four days and if they did need her she could always make the short drive to work. With sun just starting to burn off the summers morning fog and the temperature warming nicely outside, lying in the sun reading would be an excellent way to sooth her nerves so she could enjoy the weekend with her husband.

During winter, the deck can be seen from the neighbors homes through the woods and across the pasture that bordered back of their property; but during summer the leaves of the trees provide the privacy that allowed her a no tan-line tan.

After turning on her favorite CD and setting the volume low to enjoy the soft voice of her favorite female artist, she lay down and applied a liberal amount of oil to her smooth clean skin.

She got out of the tub and dried off, dressed only in a towel and applied her favorite perfume her husband had bought her.

The aroma would remind her of him since he was not able to be there with her.

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