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Bush, Brown and BAA are all too easily depicted as greedy fat cats with a master plan for environmental destruction and world domination.

Website: Email: shiftmagazine [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk (this will close sometime in 2013) twitter: [at]shiftzine “The decision to go to Heathrow was wrong!

The German far Right had mobilised against a profit-driven system run by multinationals, America and Israel. But there are no puppeteers holding the strings of the world in their hands.

Capitalist society is characterised by more hidden and complex forms of domination that underlie all aspects of our lives.

But to make radical politics work, we need to come up with more than just big=evil!

Sometimes the Camp for Climate Action transcended such simple equations, but more often than not it presented itself as a protest for austerity.

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