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According to this policy, indigenous people could rule themselves according to indigenous law in certain matters, for example rules of marriage and succession.The colonial state retained exclusive jurisdiction over matters such as serious crime. WERKtanzparty ab 20 Uhr mit DJ RenéBÜRO (Telefon & E-Mail) ist vom 12.02. Privater Tanzunterricht für Einzelpersonen, Paare oder Gruppen möglich.However, 'apartheid' became the official South African government policy following the electoral victory of the National Party in 1948.Key legislation creating this policy included the Population Registration Act 30 of 1950 (classifying the South African population into 'racial groups'); the Group Areas Act 41 of 1950 (providing for the segregation of residential and other areas) and a plethora of other acts designed to segregate every aspect of life, including public administration, education, health services, employment, transport and public amenities.'Grand apartheid' divided the territory of South Africa into separate 'states', some of which (the Transkei, Boputhatswana, Venda and the Ciskei) were given 'independence' by the South African government.In terms of South African law, the 'citizens' of such states lost their South African citizenship.

During the period of English governance, a system of 'Native Administration' was established.

Matters of customary law were heard by chiefs and headmen, with a right of appeal to the Native Appeal Court, staffed by magistrates.

Today, South Africa retains a plural legal system, with customary law remaining a legal system for those who wish to be subject to it.

The rules of customary law may not, however, conflict with the South African Constitution.

Segregationist policies were evident from earliest times, and were an aspect of official policy during the pre-1948 era.

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