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After a July meeting with Fulton County District Attorney Lewis Slaton—who chose not to prosecute him for taping a sexual encounter with a partner under 18—Rob agreed to do 20 hours of community service, speaking at prisons and halfway houses and in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio.For her part, Rob’s young video co-star is working hard to protect her privacy. Actor Rob Lowe has his choice of astonishing-looking women; that night, he takes home not one bedmate, but two. club where disaffected young moderns are sipping Stoli, watching an arty sex show and languidly cruising for a night’s company.

Bad Influence is less graphic than the tape of Lowe’s real-life menage, but the parallels are unmistakable: Alex uses a video camera to record a sexual encounter that later proves as embarrassing as it is self-destructive.According to Pam Guest, Parsons’s attorney, Jan is now going to school and living with her father, and she has no interest in courting the sort of fame that descended upon her last summer.Rob Lowe’s slide into tabloid hell began on July 17, 1988—the night before the Democratic Convention opened in Atlanta.As Lowe remembers it, “I was introduced to Jan, and she introduced me to her friend Tara.They both seemed like nice enough people to me.” When Rob returned to his suite at the Atlanta Hilton & Towers that night, both Jan and Tara were with him.

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