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One of the issues that has frustrated Cape Tribulation residents over the years is that the mayor of their shire, Mike Berwick, lives comfortably on mains electricity north of the Daintree river, while he is against mains power to the rest of the population, only his neighbours share this luxury that the rest of the western world takes for granted.

On the left you see the warning sign for boats so they don't hit the mayor's power line with their masts.

This sign stands at the northern end of Myall Beach at Cape Tribulation This sign was found in Manunda in Cairns.

This penguin warning sign is located in Tasmania, and was spotted by Bottom Bits Bus on one of their tours in Tasmania.

I have seen signs in the outback warning of no fuel for 500 km.

as that can actually avoid life threatening situations but this sign? You will find this sign on the infamous Bloomfield Track that leads from Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield, also locally known as Wujul Wujul.

No overtaking allowed on this bridge between Cape Tribulation and Cooktown,( that is only one car wide anyway).

This photo was taken in the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns which is one of the few places where this rather shy creature is found.

You wouldn't believe it but in this part of Australia there is water on the road while it rains!!!

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It looks like even the local council has a sense of humour as this graffiti has been in place for several years now and is a popular photo stop for tourists.

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