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Following is the client-side HTML file calling File Name: User is known as Scriptlet. Screenshot of JSP response when correct User name and Password are entered. Screenshot of JSP response when wrong User name and Password are entered. Candidjava Add your success page code in Web Content folder if you are using eclipse vinod how to solve 404 exception in servlets....... Http Servlet Response; /** * Servlet implementation class User Data Servlet */ public class Registration Controller extends Http Servlet gadde chandu this code is easy to understand for freshers so its good raja i have error in Registrationcontroller . HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL Raju Where we have to keep 'success page' code ?In some cases, some of the data that had been entered by the client was in the wrong form or was simply missing.

For these tags you need to use the following namespaces of URI in html node.Selecting the error in the Problems view and either double-clicking on it or choosing Go To from its context menu will highlight the error in the Source view allowing users to quickly locate and correct the problem. Java tutorial Interview Questions Java examples Servlet tutorial JSP tutorial Jdbc tutorial JSON Struts tutorial Hibernate tutorial Spring MVC Jersey JAX-RS tutorial Design Pattern Quartz Scheduler Mongo DB Tutorial All Post package com.candidjava; import Usually you'll just want to check if Modern Web Design Using Java Script & DOMJava Script is back! This is the best book on the subject I’ve ever read, showing you step-by-step the smartest ways to create usable, useful DHTML effects to enhance your site.

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