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"He thought it could be a yin-and-yang friendship," she says. Speaking with rapid-fire confidence, Lee told Cady all about her much older live-in boyfriend, Christian Navarro, a dashing wine entrepreneur nicknamed "the sommelier to the stars," who curated the cellars of Hollywood celebrities.

At first Cady was skeptical; she'd seen Lee's My Space page, decorated with luxury cars, jewels and unsmiling headshots, and figured they had little in common. Lee said she was an heiress to Samsung on her mother's side, and that her father, whose family founded Sony, had made a fortune in casinos. She said she'd gone to Harvard, where there were statues in her family's honor, and attended a London finishing school.

When confronted by the agents, Lee impatiently explained that she was bringing supplies to a horse farm.

But mostly she talked about how she had grown disgusted with her glamorous life stocked with privileged phonies, like that "fat Armenian" Kim Kardashian.It was as though Lisette Lee had studied some Beverly Hills heiress's handbook: how to dress, how to behave, how to run hot and cold to keep people in her thrall – in short, how to be a modern celebrity.But all of that would begin to unravel – amid the crowd and confusion on the Columbus tarmac that June 2010 evening – once a drug-sniffing German shepherd padded over to the van and sat down, signaling a hit. Inside the suitcases were more than 500 pounds of marijuana in shrink-wrapped bricks."I just know we're going to be best friends."Cady gazed fondly back at Lee, who looked every inch the haughty heiress she expected – in purplish contacts, eyebrows waxed to tapered arches and a mole penciled onto one flawless cheek. Lee, in a form-fitting velour sweatsuit, greeted her with a hug.They'd been introduced by a mutual acquaintance who'd told Cady that his longtime friend Lee was bored of the rich, jaded brats with whom she typically kept company, and was seeking "a breath of fresh air."Cady was an aspiring actress fresh from the small town of Bremerton, Washington – a pretty, friendly and goofy oversharer. a year earlier, she'd encountered little but the pain of fruitless auditions. The girls spent the afternoon browsing funky shops along Melrose and instantly opened up to each other.

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