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“If she had not used fabric softener ever on that clothing, would it have made a difference? “But it makes the fabric fluffier, which exposes more surface area to the flame.” from:

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At the center of the photo was Sasa Doncic, a 34-year-old veteran forward gripping the stem of the cup as his teammates celebrated around him, confetti flying through the air.

In the foreground of the photo stood Sasa's nine-year-old son in a green Olimpija jersey, gold medal around his neck, beaming with joy.

“Therefore, do not use this product on clothing made with these types of fluffier fabrics.” A spokesperson for Proctor and Gamble, which owns Downy, was unavailable for comment Saturday afternoon.

Martin said he’s not trying to pick on Downy, however.

She was flown by emergency helicopter to the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland.

Eager to spend as much time on the court as possible, Doncic would beg his parents to go practice with the older teams on his off days."I often told Luka, 'Tomorrow you are free -- be at home, play with your toys or something, you have to rest,'" said Jernej Smolnikar, Doncic's selection team coach from 2007 to 2011.

A skinny, happy-go-lucky eight-year old, Doncic was so dominant at his first Olimpija practice that the coaching staff moved him up to the 1996-born group only 16 minutes into the training session.

After a full practice with the older kids, Doncic was then bumped up to the Olimpija selection team, where he'd develop over the course of the next few years, regularly competing against players three and four years his senior.

When his father left Slovenian club Domzale for powerhouse Union Olimpija in 2007, Doncic went with him.

Olimpija Basketball School coach, Grega Brezovec, was a longtime friend of Sasa and Doncic's mother, Mirjam Poterbin, and invited Doncic to practice with the 1999-born generation.

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